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What Youth Participants Have Said About NBNY...
- "I learned I need to be ready for any opportunity"
- "NBNY showed me I can make a difference!"
- "I learned there are all kinds of leaders . . . now I feel I can lead a small group."
- "I learned never give up in stressful situations."
- "It made me want to be more involved and active in my community."
- "The Institute helped me understand specific jobs/skills my tribe needs. NBNY will help me follow the issues of our tribe and maybe in the future, I will run for the Tribal Council."
- "Learning about other tribes made me realize I want to help my own."
- "I've gone to a lot of leadership programs this was different. It was life changing! I'm so glad I came!"
- "NBNY is awesome!"

Comments by Adult Advisors
- "This was a great opportunity to acquire new skills. I especially liked the problem solving + reflection activities."
- "This is the kind of "hands-on" training I need! The evaluation component will really help me in my work with the Tribe."
- The materials are a great resource which I will put to good use!"
- "It really helps youth developing public speaking and time management skills."
- "It was motivating to see the youth grow and become more confident each day."
- "I can see how this kind of balanced cultural-life skills program can be pivotal in the lives of many youth."
- "I'm going to use the materials in my high school leadership program."

- "I learn best by doing! This was truly wonderful!"

70% of NBNY youth commented that they now understand the importance of education.
67% say they are committed to pursuing higher education.

"The four days participating in the NBNY was really fun because I met a lot of really nice people and I've also been introduced to: a new kind of leadership that takes place within our own tribal government, community, having a voice, goals , and having a dream can benefit the community. For this program to really capture us and draw us in, there were famous people, musicians, football players, weather forecasters, and tribal leaders that told us their compelling stories of the trials they had to face.

Most felt like the end had come for them, that they should just give up, but through it all, they pulled through. Most of the stories I could relate to because I've been exposed to that feeling and that surrounding. They gave advice about who they brought into their lives and who had helped them turn their lives around. They also told us we can do it, even if it's bad and could make the situation worse, if we're determined to make a change for ourselves and just let the positive people into our lives to be supportive and to encourage us to pull through. I'm glad to have been a part in this amazing program. It has made me think about how I can start helping my tribal communities and just be a part of something positive and meaningful, no matter what others think of me."

Everett F. Gomez
NBNY Summer Leadership Institute

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